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August 2007
Hifana - Live CD + DVD!


Japanese live breakbeat duo HIFANA celebrate their move to EMI records with a brand new live CD+DVD combo! If you've never scene this world acclaimed turntablist and art group perform, be warned that you've never scene anything like this before, and it's going to be hard looking at DJs the same way again.

Formed in 1998 by friends KEIZOmachine and Juicy, the two quickly swam their way up the Japanese club underground by playing every concert live, without sequencers via frenetic push-button sampling machines bongo jams, turntables, and live percussion. While their previous recordings HAVE used sequencers in order to bring the sounds into a new level, the new CD titled "Connect" will feature the tag-team playing completely live, with all their hard edged analog synth sounds. Backing them up on the album will be long time collaborators art studio W+K Tokyo Labs for more of the distinctive HIFANA visual flourish.

The new CD+DVD combo came out August 1, 2007. Be sure to also check out their previous album "Channel H," and for a taste before you buy, be sure to check out the Hifana MySpace page. Order now!