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January 2006
Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack

The soundtrack to upcoming Square-Enix game "Kingdom Hearts II" comes out January 25, and CDJ has the heads up on what's in store. Celebrate the recent Japanese release of the game, or the March North American release by preordering now!

Following up on the original PlayStation 2 game, "Kingdom Hearts II" tells the continuation of the story of Sora as he discovers the truth behind Organization XIII and the nobodies. The two-disc soundtrack features the return of composer Yoko Shimomura at the helm, and three versions of Hikaru Utada's theme song "Passion" (also available in single format that differs from that appearing on the soundtrack). Relive your favorite scenes--whether they be the dramatic return of Sora, the epic "Dynasty Warriors" style battles, or the comedic in-game chatter--or get a feel for the game before release by ordering now!