Eligible Orders

Adding is possible for Credit Cards, International Postal Money Order, and Cash Payment orders only if the payment has NOT been finalized yet.

For credit cards: although a 'pending payment' may appear on your balance immediately after the order is placed, the actual payment is finalized upon shipping, see more details here.

How to Make an Addition

  1. To add items to an existing order, click this 1_item_order button which is placed below the "Checkout" button.
  2. Choose the order you would like the item to be added to.

Non-Eligible Orders

  1. Orders containing Proxy Shopping (Requested) Item(s) cannot be added to

  2. Similarly, Proxy Shopping items cannot be added to existing orders

  3. If the payment method is PayPal or Alipay, cancel the existing order first and proceed to place a new order (for the original items and the new item together) as you prefer (note: sold-out limited items may not be available again for the new order if you decide to cancel the original order). We will issue a partial refund (or point refund depending on your payment method) if you cancel your order partially.