Cancelling From Customer Account

You can only cancel from your customer account when you have paid by Credit Card and your order status is "Processing".

Cancelling by Email to Customer Support

If you have paid by PayPal, Alipay, or your Credit Card status is other than "Processsing", email us for cancellations.

Customer Support  (

Important Note

We can not accept cancellations when the order enters the "Shipping Process" when we checked your request.

Due to international bank process & system, the refund of your order may require few days.

Credit card companies only allows to refund for transactions placed within 180 days from the ordering date. In this case, we will credit our shopper points as refund.

About Refund(Credit Card)

If the order is canceled and and payment has not finalized, we have not charged yet. The only thing that the issuer of your credit card did when you placed your order was to authorize the transaction as a pending payment, to "RESERVE" the amount until the payment is finalized. Perhaps the issuer of your credit card is still displaying the initial amount authorized in the online account information, but they will not actually bill you. It will disappear from the your online account information as soon as the issuer of your credit card updates the information. Normally it is updated within a week, but it may take a little longer depending on how frequently the issuer of your credit card refreshes the information. However, we will not be able to control how long it takes, because we have no means to access your credit card account directly. Please also note that it may take up to 42 days for some debit cards.