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sukekiyo "INFINITUM"

Its title "INFINITUM" means "infinite" in Latin, and is made with a theme of "possibilities infinitely expanding."

"INFINITUM" is a set of three discs, consisting of two Blu-spec CD2 discs and a Blu-ray.
*"Blu-spec CD2" is a name of the high-fidelity format, which is compatible with any regular CD players.

sukekiyo "INFINITUM" Details

  • Main disc contains 13 tracks total, including new song(s), song(s) released at "sukekiyo Nisen Jyuhachi Nen" concerts as well as "Komo Chigaumono Nanoka, Yosuruni 1 shot analog recording -demo ver. 20171121-" and a re-recorded version of "kisses."
  • Bonus disc contains several songs made in collabrations.
  • Blu-ray disc contains music videos as well as scenes from his concert held on November 15, 2018 at Tokyo International Forum.

[DISC 1:Blu-spec CD2] Main Disc Tracklist

  1. Guzo Moratorium
  2. Waizatsu
  3. Sharara
  4. kisses
  5. dorothy
  6. Anata yori Ue
  7. Kimi wa Mukidashi
  8. Honno Okotowari
  9. Komo Chigaumono Nanoka, Yosuruni
  10. Nurebairo
  11. Tada, Mada, Watashi.
  12. Uso
  13. Hyohaku Flavor

[DISC 2:Blu-spec CD2]

  1. elisabeth addict Collaboration with Sachi (Kokushoku Sumire)
  2. anima Collaboration with NOBUYA (ROTTENGRAFFTY)
  3. Jyunboku, Muku de aroug Collaboration with BAKI (GASTUNK)
  4. Kubitsuri Yugu Collaboration with Kazuki Morishige (ZIGGY)
  5. Hakudaku Collaboration with EXILE SHOKICHI

[DISC 3:Blu-ray]

Music Video Tracklist

  1. Waizatsu
  2. Tada, Mada, Watashi.

Live Footage Tracklist

  1. Giji Necromancer
  2. Gnya Ketsuron. Soshite Chimanako.
  3. Hidauta
  4. Jyunboku, Muku de aroug
  5. Mannerism na Tsumetai Souretsusha
  6. En
  7. Kubitsuri Yugu
  8. Saredo Michizure
  9. Shiryo no Ariana
  10. Naburi
  11. Hakudaku

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