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Article by Miguel Ramirez

One of the most promising developments in the evolution of online otaku culture is the advent of VTubers.

Virtual Youtubers (VTubers for short) are an exciting new form of online entertainer that has taken the internet by storm. These online idols stream themselves playing games, chatting and interacting with fans in real time on various sites such as Youtube, Twitch and Bilibili. While being an independent VTuber has its benefits, joining an agency is a great option as well due to the support and resources provided, ensuring that promising VTubers can reach the heights they dream of.

Let's take a look at a couple of the agencies out there, who knows? You might even find your next favorite.
  1. Hololive - JP
  2. Hololive - EN
  3. Hololive - ID
  4. Holostars
  5. Nijisanji - JP
  6. Nijisanji - EN
  7. VShojo
  8. VOMS
  9. PRISM Project
  10. Production Kawaii
  11. How you can support your favorite VTuber group through CDJapan

About the Author

Hololive - JP

Motoaki "Yagoo" Tanigo's idol dream is kept alive by the creativity and effort displayed by some truly iconic VTubers that call Hololive a home. A Japanese company that found success all around the world with VTuber legends such as Inugami Korone, Shirakami Fubuki, Houshou Marine, and more. You know you're watching a Hololive video when you laugh one moment, take a pause, and then resume laughing once more.

Hololive - EN

The inspiring tale of a group of girls who dared to break into an uncertain market and found remarkable success. A collection of VTuber superstars with eclectic members like the Meme Lord of the Sea Gawr Gura, Underworld Rap Star Calliope Mori, the Timeless Time-Travelling Detective Amelia Watson and many, many more. The English Branch of Hololive has creativity to spare.

Hololive - ID

Audiences were stunned when they saw how talented and passionate the Indonesian Branch of Hololive is. Founding members Ayunda Risu, Airani Iofifteen and Moona Hoshinova set the stage for this group of VTubers that often stream in a mix of both English and Indonesian. They somehow always manage to be both relatable and inspiring.


The All-Male Branch of Hololive, encompassing various talented artists, singers and gamers. Interesting VTubers like Yukoku Roberu, Arurandeisu, Aragami Oga are a sample of all that Holostars has to offer. If you want fun streams to kick back and relax to then definitely check them out.

Nijisanji - JP

CEO Riku Tazumi's desire to showcase the power of VTuber technology has led to one of the most diverse and successful agencies around. With beloved branches ID and KR being integrated into the main branch, Nijisanji now has over 160 VTubers (or Livers, as they call them) that have varied types of streams. Kuzuha, Tsukino Mito, and Hoshikawa Sara are only a few of the Livers that stream under the Nijisanji banner. There is definitely something for everyone.

Nijisanji - EN

Hitting the ground running with the debut of the iconic Lazulight Group (Elira Pendora, Finana Ryugu and Pomu Rainpuff), the English Branch of Nijisanji quickly carved out a name for themselves due to their quirky comedy and their capacity to be un-seiso yet wholesome. Putting emphasis on both male and female Livers, watching Nijisanji EN will put you in a great mood no matter what day of the week.


This American VTuber agency favors streaming on Twitch and features veritable titans of the VTuber industry like Nyanners, Ironmouse, Veibae, and tons more. An immature sense of humor is contrasted by their genuine appreciation for one another, there is zero doubt that these VTubers love what they do.


Founded by Vocaloid music sensation GYARI, VOMS Project hosts top-notch VTubers such as Amano Pikamee, Hikasa Tomoshika and more! Lending its talent much independence in order to foster their creativity, VOMS streams are chaotic, entertaining, and well-worth your time.

PRISM Project

With a healthy balance of wholesome and entertaining, PRISM Project has lots of VTubers with different interests ranging from the popular to the obscure. Miyoshino Shiki, Araka Luto, Hoshifuri Iku, and more all do their part to add color to PRISM and really make it shine!

Production Kawaii

You can find funny and interesting VTubers like Nene Amano, Charlotte Suzu, Isla Coleman and more at Production Kawaii. Chill Zatsudan talking streams, comedic short clips and entertaining gaming streams are all included in their repertoire. This agency has their finger on the pulse of internet humor and always try their best to cheer you up.

How you can support your favorite VTuber group through CDJapan

Once you've found a VTuber or agency that you've really grown to like, it's only logical to want to support them. CDJapan is a great source for all kinds of VTuber merch, including CDs, Vinyl Records, figures and other goods!

I've been very impressed with the promptness and efficiency of the delivery process when I've ordered from the site, usually receiving the item within a week or so despite being overseas. Unlike the early days of the VTuber industry where merchandise was hard to find and relatively obscure, now it's possible to find all kinds of goods no matter who you choose to support. Make a choice and stand by it, and show your oshi how much you appreciate them!

VTuber Department at CDJapan

VTuber Department at CDJapan

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About the Author

Mike Ramirez is a Computer Science student interested in the ways in which Technology and Culture synergize to great effect with a particular focus on anime and otaku culture. Fascinated by all things VTubers, Mike seeks to understand and share the reasons why the internet has become so captivated by these talented (and hilarious!) virtual idols of the future.

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