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January 2009
BoA New Releases

BoA New Releases

BoA is one of the hottest artists now with plenty of verve. Last year, her U.S. debut online single "Eat You Up" ranked high on online music charts and the Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart, and now, her much anticipated new single is coming up, soon to be followed by a new greatest hits album!

New single "Eien" comes out on February 18, 2009. The single includes title song "Eien," "Believe In Love (Acoustic Version,)" and one more song. Bonus DVD features music video for "Eien" and introduction footage of her greatest hits album.

Then her new greatest hits album"BEST&USA" comes out on March 18, 2009. The album is 2 in 1 album. Set of Japanese greatest hits album and U.S. debut album. Greatest hits album features the songs "Eien," "MerryChri," "VALENTI" and more. Also includes bonus DVD for all music videos released after "DO THE MOTION," U.S. debut single "Eat You Up," and bonus video footage recorded in the US.