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March 2009
Anime Upcoming Releases (March 25, 2009)

anime series - Chaos;Head


Check out on the new anime series "Chaos;HEAd" based on hit PC game of the same name. Script written by Toshiki Inoue of "Death Note" fame, and animation created by Madhouse.
In Shibuya city, people get nervous with a series of murders called "Craze of the new generation." The main character Takumi Nishijo, who is a seclusive high school student, receives a message from "general" when he chatting on the internet. The general predicts a next murder case, and Takumi's tranquil life changes abruptly. . .
Chaos;HEAd Vol.1 [Limited Edition]
includes a character's figure. Order now and get special bonuses.

Slayers Evolution R Vol.1

New "Slayers" Returns!

Lina Inverse comes back with latest anime series "Slayers Evolution-R" releasing on DVD!
To find a way in rescuing Taforashia country where was sealed by Red Priest Rezo, Lina and her company search for the "Meio no Tsubo (Pluto's Pot)," which Rezo placed his soul after death. They start to find out clues of the pot at library in Saillune, however. . .
DVD also features textless intro & outro theme sung by Megumi Hayashibara. Theme song single is also available.