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May 2005
Baby's got Back - The Back Horn Go Major

The Back Horn brings you their finest masterpiece with their latest album, "Headphone Children" released in March.

"Headphone Children" describes the paradox of individuality in our modern society. The world has grown smaller in modern times through international travel and foreign exchange study programs. Yet, as foreign cultures become part of our everyday lives, we isolate ourselves by shutting ourselves in, have mental disorders, and commit abnormal crimes. Our modern society eschews face-to-face communication in exchange for cell phones and email. The Back Horn members are a world of people engulfing ourselves in headphones or staring blankly at our cell phones. And they are the people that make the music you use to shut out this tempestuous world. This contradiction speaks wonders!!

Check out an exclusive interview with The Back Horn. All their appeal packed tightly into this long interview covering everything from their beginnings to their latest songs. Don't miss a word!!

For J-movie fans, do you know how much they are loved by directors such as Kazuaki Kiriya (of "Casshern" fame) and Kiyoshi Kurosawa (of "Akarui Mirai" fame)? You will see pieces of the reason for it!