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September 2005
We Love Katamari- Original Soundtrack: Katamari wa Damacy

We know you love "Katamari Damacy," and now you can roll it up into your life! To celebrate the upcoming North American release of "We Love Katamari," the sequel to last years sleeper hit video game "Katamari Damacy," this week we're featuring the sequel's soundtrack "Katamari wa Damacy"! Like its predecessor, this soundtrack features a number of catchy tracks made specifically for the game from artists ranging from Maki Nomiya (formerly of Pizzicato Five) to Kahimi Karie (Sino-French pop queen and former bandmate of Takako Minekawa).

Be sure to check out a number of our other hit soundtrack releases starting with the soundtrack for the original "Katamari Damacy" game, "Katamari Fortissimo Damacy" (featuring the hit single "Lonely Rolling Star"). We also are accepting preorders for the "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Original Soundtrack" (including remixes of some of your favorite songs from the original PlayStation game) and "Guilty Gear" series soundtrack eight-CD box set! What better way to increase the size of your own katamari then by getting your hands on these essential soundtrack releases!