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March 2005
Ah! Megami Sama Comes to DVD

The highly anticipated "Ah! My Goddess! (Ah! Megami-sama)" TV series premiered in January 2005 on the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) network, and now it's available on DVD.

The original manga by Kosuke Fujishima of "Taiho Shichauzo (You're Under Arrest)" fame was first published in Monthly Afternoon magazine in 1988. A hit OVA series arrived in stores in 2000, with a movie following in 2001. Director Hiroaki Goda was character designer on "Please Teacher!" and "Please Twins!" and this experience increased his artistic techniques and pride as an animator. This is good news for fans, the TV series is the most faithful adaption of the manga, with more detail and depth in each episode than was ever offered in the OVA or movie.

Theme songs are by Yoko Ishida, who also recently performed "This ugly and beautiful world (Kono Minikukumo Utsukushii Sekai)" outro theme. Don't miss her 2nd album, a limited edition that comes with a DVD containing a promo clip & a "making of" the intro theme "Open Mind" (music written by Kohei Tanaka of "Sakura Wars" fame).

Also available for preorder is the limited edition of soundtrack album (vol.1) by Shiro Hamaguchi of "One Piece" and "Final Fantasy" series fame. It comes housed in a box with extra space for the 2nd soundtrack album, to be released later this year (date undetermined at this time).