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September 2005
Transformers Galaxy Force

Your favorite childhood animation series "Transformers" is back with an all new adventure, "Transformers Galaxy Force" ("Transformers: Cybertron" abroad)! A massive black hole destroys the planet Cybertron sending the Transformers to Earth and other planets in the galaxy to recover the four cyber planet keys. Can the Autobots wrestle the keys from the greedy grasp of the Decepticons? Find out for yourself . . . and see a few old faces like Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Starscream by catching the latest releases in the "Transformers Galaxy Force" series!

Volumes one, two, three, and four are available right now for order! CDJapan also has a few copies of the limited Volume 1 with Exillion Red action figure, Volume 2 with bonus tapestry, and Volume 9 with Chromia action figure (white version, not available in stores! Currently preorder only) releases still in stock--but order now because they will be gone soon. Two versions of the series intro and outro themes available as well!