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July 2005
Tokyo Jihen's "Kyoiku"

Ringo Shiina is back with the producer of her first two albums, Seiji Kameda, to bring you her latest side project, Tokyo Jihen.

Images of Shinjuku neon draped in rain, dreary trains and cramped streets teaming with life, the very essences of Tokyo and its people juxtaposed with soaring piano melodies, complex guitar compositions and Ringo Shiina's distinctive shrill voice. Hizumi Masayuki from Pe'z joins along with both keyboard and writing credits to lend his funky style to the rock sound of Shiina's early records and the individuality that defined her later work.

With hit singles "Gunjo Biyori" and "Sonan" still dominating Japan's radio stations and Tokyo Jihen prowling Tokyo's clubs, now is the perfect time to check out Tokyo Jihen's first album "Kyoiku" to get ready for the release of their second live DVD "Dynamite Out" on August 17. Also, be sure not to miss their first live DVD "Dynamite In" and their first music video collection, "Tokyo Incidents Vol. 1."