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December 2004
Ayu's Story

Two years after Ayumi Hamazaki's "RAINBOW," her long awaited full-length album, "MY STORY" will finally be released on December 15th, 2004. This is her 6th album, and it includes three singles she released this year: the stylish ballad "Moments" released in March, the exotic "Inspire" released in the summer, and finally the winter "Carols." There are other songs recorded as well; a result of tie ups with numerous television commercials she was cast in.

The new album comes with a DVD, and for the first press editions, sleeve cover artwork will be picked randomly from four different limited types. After the first press editions have run out, the sleeve cover artwork will be the same as that of the CD-only regular edition, featured on this page.

Equally popular is the summer festival "a-nation 04" DVD, which is made up solely of AVEX artist such as: Exile, Ai Otsuka, Every Little Thing, BoA, Do As infinity, TRF, and dream. For its finale, Ayumi Hamazaki, or "Ayu" to her fans, sung four songs.

Finally, from director Ryosuke Hashiguchi of "hush!" fame, the 1995 film "Nagisa no Sindbad (Like Grains of Sand)" casts Ayu and is now available on DVD. Between the new album and her rare film, you are sure to find out what Ayu's "story" is!