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January 2005
Ballads From Glay

Glay's "Ballad Best Singles - White Road," the ballad song collection commemorates the 10th anniversary of their debut, will be released on January 19, 2005. The new album includes three songs "White Road," "Blue Jean," and "Toki no Shizuku" from the four singles released last year. It also includes "Beloved" that carried the band to stardom and "However" regarded as their best song. What's more, fans will be delighted that one song is now available on CD for the first time.

Since Glay made its major debut with "Rain" produced by Yoshiki, formerly of X-Japan, they immediately became the top artists and have maintained popular for a decade.

Their reputation possibly depends on the songwriting talent of Takuro, the guitarist, who has provided hit tunes to many Japanese divas. Takuro offered "Fairyland" to Yuki Koyanagi as her second single in 1999. Although the single is no longer available, the song is included in "Yuki Koyanagi singles 1999-2003." He co-composed "Drama" and "Time Limit" for Hikaru Utada's second album "Distance."

More recently, he wrote "Fuyu no Etranger" for Misia's latest Album "Singer for Singer." He also provided "Ruten" for Joshijunigakubo (12 Girls Band), who made the US debut, for their third Japan original album "DUN-HUAN" that will be released on January 26. Even if you are not a Glay fan, why don' you enjoy the songwriting skills of the guitarist Takuro by listening to Glay CDs and the songs created for other artists?