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July 2005
Namie Amuro - Queen Of Hip-Hop

Namie Amuro, the diva of Japan - no, of Asia will be releasing her long-awaited new album "Queen of Hip-Hop" on July 13.

The new album, to be released roughly a year and a half after her previous full-length album, includes her single released on April 6, "WANT ME, WANT ME," as well as her three previous singles "GIRL TALK," "ALL FOR YOU," and "ALARM," and the title track, "Queen of Hip-Hop." (made popular through its use in Suzuki's Chevrolet CRUZE commercials). Amuro's new album features plenty of sexy dance grooves with a grown up tone, including one track featured as well on the latest album from sharp-witted producer Yakko's side project, "JHETT."

Make sure not to forget about MAX, Namie Amuro's partner in the early 90s group Super Monkeys, as well. July 6 sees the release of her new single, "Niraikanai" which includes a recording of the two former partners covering their old hit single "Tora Tora Tora." During the ten years since the release of "Tora Tora Tora" we've watched these two divas grow up. Now, how many people would love to see Super Monkeys together one more time!