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August 2005
The Dark Side Of Tommy February6

Tomoko Kawase, aka Tommy february6, aka former singer for the band the brilliant green, will be releasing her first album under the new pseudonym Tommy heavenly6. Check out her new album, titled "Tommy heavenly6," in either the regular or limited editions (w/ DVD)!

Ever the image stylist, Kawase invented the character Tommy heavenly6 during an encore performance in 2003 as the negative image of Tommy february6. Where february6 is strange and shy, heavenly6 is forward and cool; when Tommy february6 is fumbling around behind a synthesizer, Tommy heavenly6 is assertively strumming her guitar. That being said, Tommy heavenly6's music will sound familiar to fans of Tommy february6 (the artist herself linking the two artists in her music videos!), though february6's 80's bubblegum pop arrangements have been replaced with a guitar-oriented new wave sound.

The new CD includes singles "Wait till I can dream," "Ready?" "Hey my Friend" (theme song to the film "Shimotsuma Monogatari") and "LCCD" (closing theme to the film "Summertime Machine Blues"), totaling at 11 songs. Limited edition also includes a DVD with music videos for the songs "Hey my Friend" and "Ready?" and a making-of featurette housed in a special package (subject to change)!