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August 2005
Maho Sensei Negima

e-live the magic of "Maho Sensei Negima!" written by "Love Hina" creator Ken Akamatsu! Negima is a boy of ten. Negima is a genius graduate of a prestigious wizardry school. Negima must now teach a middle school class full of unique and wacky teenage girls! If Negima can hide his magic long enough . . . and if he can straighten out the "Baka Rangers" . . . he may just be able to finish this school year!

Now is the perfect time to check out CDJapan`s vast selection of "Maho Sensei Negima!" goods. Get your start with the recently released DVD titles volumes 1, 2, and 3 to catch up on the story before volumes 4 and 5 come out (the limited edition of volume 1 includes a bonus maxi single and card!). The soundtrack and closing theme single are available as well, with volume 2 of the soundtrack arriving in October and available for preorder now (volume 2 expected to include bonus CD-ROM with desktop wallpapers and other computer accessories!)!

Finally, we have a number of "Maho Sensei Negima!" collectibles available now, ranging from stand-ups to posters to shopping bags to . . . Kamo-kun!?!?!?