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December 2005
Gazette - NIL

J-Rock band Gazette is taking Tokyo to task with the advanced single "Cassis" from their upcoming full-length album "Nil." "Cassis" is an edgy ballad, featuring a melodic chorus and a powerful rock verse. Featured prominently in the mix are guitarists Aoi and Uruha's heavy riffs, bubbly guitar leads, and, as characteristic of the band, an impressively talented solo.

Pick up Gazette's latest single "Cassis," out December 7, or pre-order their album "Nil" coming next February. "Cassis" comes in two versions - with either a bonus track or special DVD with a music video for the single (regular edition single comes out in January). Preorder the initial pressing version of their full-length album "Nil" now to get the deluxe velour package, bonus DVD, and 28-page booklet.

You can find out more about Gazette by picking up items from their CD and DVD back catalog, which was reissued November 23 by the PS Label!