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August 2005
Kagrra's Second Album "San"

Kagrra, the only of many visual-kei bands to harness Japanese taste and their own unique world view into their work, released their second album, "San," on July 20 of this year. This is their first full-length release since their major label debut album, "Miyako" a year and four months ago.

However, like the Japanese character that forms its name, "San" is a work clad in a bewitching glare like the downpour of light. With each band member developing drastically in his ability to perform and express himself, Kagrra's sound has moved up a level to be sharper and more threatening, and the album shows a new face to the band we know.

For example, this release features remixes of their last three hit singles, "Omou," "Genmei no Katachi," and "Sarasoju no Komoriuta."

Aside from the August 3 release of their DVD "Sara ? Natsukashi no Rakuen ? at 2005.4.14 Shibuya AX," filmed on the final date of their tour starting April 3, they will also be embarking on their first solo tour, "-Unsanmuyo-" on August 15. I'm sure the fans are all worked up this summer.

This glaring summer, won't you give in to the strange, beautiful lure of Kagrra's bewitching new album, "San"?