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February 2005
Koda Kumi's Secret

Here comes a full-length album "Secret" from Kumi Koda who is often regarded as a Japanese artist having the greatest ambition for attracting people both musically and visually. Her last album "Feel My Mind" consisted mostly of R&B songs, but her 4th album "Secret" contains a variety of songs such as R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, and Ballad.

Although she has already released a smash hit single "Real Emotion" in 2003, she gained further popularity with "Cutie Honey," leadoff track of her 11th single "Love & Honey" released in May 2004. Such a signature song for her is included in this 4th album, although her 3rd album includes it as a first-press-only bonus track.

Of course, as everybody knows, that song was covered as a theme song to a 2004 hit live-action movie based on the classic anime by Go Nagai. Eriko Sato stars as the popular manga character "Cutie Honey" in her first live-action romp, directed by "Neon Genesis Evangelion" creator Hideaki Anno. Don't miss a bonus figure doll that is packed with the Collector's edition only as featured on this page.

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