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July 2005
Kirito - Hameln

Like the embedded image of a tyrannosaurus rex hidden in a magic eye poster, Pierrot's charismatic vocalist Kirito is at once woven into the fabric of his band and yet lurking in your peripheral vision waiting to pop out from the noise. His ten years of work with the band is a subtle tapestry, but just as you let your eyes stray he leaps out!

On August 3, Kirito emerges from Pierrot to release his first solo album, "Hameln." "Hameln" is pure Kirito, at once a distilling the experiences of Pierrot and a vast departure from the style that defines his band. This time around Kirito is supported by Mick Karn on bass (formerly of Japan) and Tetsu Mukaiyama on drums (formerly of CoCCo and Red Warriors).

Pre-order the full-length album "Hameln" or his first single "Door" from CDJapan in order to reserve the limited first edition releases that include a bonus DVD or photo book.

From the noise surrounding Pierrot leaps a solo album full of precise melodies and musical textures. Kirito, like our hidden T-rex, emerges vivid, roaring, and in full 3D!