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November 2005
FictionJunction Yuuka: "Destination"

Pick up "Destination," the first full-length album from Fictionjunction Yuuka. To recap, FictionJunction Yuuka is a new project by popular composer Yuki Kajiura featuring the vocalist Yuuka Nanri.

After established her position in the music world by producing the soundtrack to the anime "NOIR",Kajiura composed many songs for popular anime series including "Tsubasa Chronicle," "Erementar Gerad," and "Gundam SEED." When she collaborates with other artists she uses the name "FictionJunction."

"Destination" contains 11 songs including the hit singles "Hitomi no Kakera/nowhere"(intro theme to "MADLAX",) inside your heart/I'm here(the outro theme to "MADLAX,") and "Akatsuki no Kuruma" (the theme to "Gundam Seed"). Limited Edition comes with bonus DVD including the music video for "Honoo no Tobira" (from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY")!