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January 2005
BoA's Greatest Hits Collection

BoA's long awaited best-of compilation "Best of Soul" is finally released on February 2005.

In 2001, then 14-year-old Korean "Bishojo" (beautiful girl) made a sensational debut in JPop scene with her amazing singing and dancing talents. She has released consecutive hits such as "Every Heart - Minna no Kimochi" used as the outro theme to the hyper hit anime series "Inuyasha" and "Beside You -Boku wo Yobu Koe-," the theme song of "Asobot Senki GOKU." Through well-known animes, she has attracted a lot of fans all over the world apart from Japan and South Korea.

This album completely covers her 13 singles from the first "Quincy / Konoyo no Shirushi. 16 tracks in all, including "BoA w/z SOUL'd OUT / LA-LA-LA Love Song" as a bonus track. (originally included in a tribute album to Toshinobu Kubota). The limited-edition-only DVD has 15 music clips like "m-flo Loves BoA/the Love Bug " (from m-flo/ASTROMANTIC) and "Be the One," which was inspired by the PlayStation 2 game "Sengoku Musou" and unfortunately was not featured in this best-of compilation CD. In addition, "We" (Korean-language song by BoA) was featured for the outro theme for the Japanese theatrical version of the hit Korean film "Brotherhood." Now, the song is available only in its soundtrack CD, so don't forget checking out both the film & soundatracks.

Moreover, she is assigned to sing the theme song for "Shin Angyo Onshi,", an animated feature Japan & South Korea staffs collaborated. This project has been in progress, and "Song With No Time" from her 3rd album "Love & Honesty"will be also featured in the anime movie. BoA is widening her appeal more and more!