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March 2008
LUNA SEA - Reunion Concert DVD


This year LUNA SEA celebrates Christmas in March with the recent release of the concert DVD "LUNA SEA God Bless You -One Night Dejavu- 2007.12.24 Tokyo Dome." Their present? A one-night-only reunion concert that you can see for yourself--out now.

That's right, seven years after the untimely break up of one of the band's that put modern Japanese music on the map, Ryuichi Kawamura, Sugizo, Inoran, J, and Shinya took a break from their various solo projects to give fans one last look at this legendary band. Held on Christmas Eve, 2007, this one-night-only engagement was originally broadcast over NHK's satellite service in a cut form. For the DVD release of "LUNA SEA God Bless You -One Night Dejavu- 2007.12.24 Tokyo Dome," all deleted tracks have been restored to give you complete footage of the entire three-hour concert.

In addition to the concert DVD, This month also saw the release of a brand-new greatest hits collection from LUNA SEA. Look back on the hit-studded career of one of Japan's best loved bands with two discs of classic tracks sporting all-new remastering from 2008. Both the concert DVD and greatest hits album are out now!