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July 2013
LUNA SEA's New Single & INORAN's 1st Documentary

LUNA SEA's New Single & INORAN's 1st Documentary

LUNA SEA is releasing their new single "Thoughts" on August 28, 2013! The title song is an image song for an online game "Master of Chaos." Two limited editions are available, and each comes with a bonus DVD or Blu-ray with music videos.

In addition to that, there is one more announcement for LUNA SEA fans.
INORAN, a guitarist of LUNA SEA, is releasing his first documentary "I'm Here" on DVD on August 28. This DVD features INORAN's tour in Europe and available with English audio & subtitles.

Preorder both and support their next move!
*The picture shown is a cover artwork for "LUNA SEA LIVE TOUR 2012 - 2013 The End of the Dream at Nippon Budokan."


Posted by idwgovgi Jul 03,2013