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March 2013
LOUDNESS 2012 Complete DVD Out on Apr 17

LOUDNESS 2012 Complete DVD Out on Apr 17

LOUDNESS is releasing "LOUDNESS 2012 Complete DVD" on April 17, 2013. This DVD contains their concerts in the world in 2012, including "SINGLE COLLECTION TOUR," " TOUR," "USA TOUR BB KING," "M3FES," "ASIA TOUR," and more. Also contains private shots from those concerts.

For LOUDNESS lovers, we have another happy news that you can't miss.

A super hard-rock band X.Y.Z.-A brings their new album "Seventh Heaven" on April 3. This band consists of four skilled musicians in Japan Minoru Niihara (LOUDNESS), Fumihiko Kitsutaka (Kinniku Shojo Tai), Tatsuhiko Wasada (BAKUFU-SLUMP), and Funky Sueyoshi (BAKUFU-SLUMP).
The album features the high-fidelity SHM-CD format (compatible with standard CD player) and comes with a bonus DVD with a promotional video of the song "PATRIOT'S DREAM (Utsukushiku Hana to Chire)," unreleased footage, and comment footage.