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March 2012
ViViD - 1st Artist Book, Budokan LIVE DVD, & New Single!

ViViD - 1st Artist Book, Budokan LIVE DVD, & New Single!

ViVid continues to run at full speed same as the previous year! From this March to May, they bring three items in different formats.

To begin with, their first artist book "Pieces" is now available for order. This book contains lots of photos, concert reports, interviews, and many more. With this book, you can grab the band's whole history from their childhood to the concert at Budokan in January of 2012.

Secondly, a new DVD "TAKE OFF - Birth to the NEW WORLD -" will be out on April 18. This DVD features the band's first one-man concert "TAKE OFF - Birth to the NEW WORLD -" at Nippon Budokan held on January 7, 2012, including their live performance with great drive and energy at there, footage from the backstage, private shots, and more.

Finally, and happy to say that, their fifth single "Real" is going to be released on May 16! The song is a powerful guitar rock tune and is an intro theme of the TV anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE (Episodes of Kio Asuno)." Its limited edition A and B comes with a bonus DVD, whose content is different from each other, while the regular edition comes with bonus tracks.