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November 2011
Dir en grey's "UROBOROS" is Reissued with Remastering & Bonus Tracks!

Dir en grey's

This is a great news. Dir en grey's 2008 album "UROBOROS" is remastered and also includes extra songs such as the long version of "SE:SA BIR," special version of "BUGABOO," Japanese versions of "DOZING GREEN," and more. The new remastering is done by the mix engineer Tue Madsen who did their latest album "DUM SPIRO SPERO."

Plus, the band's live performance "Uroboros -with The Proof In The Name Of Living. . ." is now available on Blu-ray. The bonus footage that was included only on the limited edition of the DVD is included, as well as the multi-angle view option to watch the live from perspectivesselected by each member of the band. Check out both as fast as you can!