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November 2010
Shinsei Kamatte-Chan - New Album "Tsumanne" and "Minna Shine"

Japanese Up and Coming Band Shinsei Kamatte-Chan - New Album

With a distinct rhythm, melody, and lyrics, Shinsei Kamatte-Chan's popularity has been growing steadily over the years and thier long-awaited new albums "Tsumanne" and "Minna Shine" will be released simultaneously this December.

Shinsei Kamatte-Chan is the one of the most aggressive rock bands in recent Japanese rock history. The band has been formed in 2007 in Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo and consists of four members Noko (lead vocal, guitar, keyboard), Mono (bandleader, keyboard, guitar), Misako (drums), and Chibagin (bass, chorus).

Their activities are mostly based in Tokyo, in which they make full use of online services such as uploading their music on Youtube and Nikoniko doga. The three members also uses Twitter as a promotional device. Shinsei Kamatte-Chan definitely gives a fresh (& bit destructive) perspective to all Japanese rock addicts.