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March 2010
Spangle call Lilli line - New Album "VIEW" and Latest Single "dreamer"

Japanese Band Spangle call Lilli line - New Album

Spangle call Lilli line is a Japanese pop band formed in 1998 and released their first album "Spangle call Lilli line" in 2001. So far, they has released seven original albums, two live albums, and a greatest hits one and they has gained much popularity with its distinct sound, ranging from luxuriant post-rock-like songs to danceable pop numbers, among deep music lovers in Japan.

And this time, their eighth album "VIEW" will be released this April for the first time in one and a half years. The album is co-produced by Tatsuki Masuko, a key member of a Japanese trance band ROVO and includes an up-tempo number "eye," "rio the other," and more various tracks for 10 songs total.

If you want to just listen something of their sound at first, we recommend their latest single "dreamer." The single is produced by Seiichi Nagai from an up-and-coming pop band Sotaisei Riron and contains songs "dreamer," garage funk version of the title song mixed by Zin Yoshida (Salon Music), remix version of the first single "nano" remixed by Hiroshi Kawabe (Tokyo No.1 SOUL SET), and piano version of "nano" by Izumi Koyama (ex. Kuki Kodan).