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January 2009
JPOP [Kanon Wakeshima / Teriyaki Boyz]


Kanon Wakeshima - First Album "Shinshoku Dolce"

Kanon Wakeshima will release her first album "Shinshoku Dolce" on February 18, 2009. Produced by legendary guitarist, Malice Mizer/Moi dix Mois member, and gothic lolita fashion creator Mana.

The songs composed by Mana, with lyrics and cello score by Kanon herself, and feature a combination of classical music and French/electro pop elements. Limited edition includes bonus DVD with music video "still doll" and "Suna no Oshiro." Also includes special sticker. Features alternate jacket.


Teriyaki Boyz - New Album "Serious Japanese"

Teriyaki Boyz, Japanese Hip-Hop group, was formed in 2005. The group consists of five MCs; Nigo (a founder of street wear brand "A Bathing Ape,") Ilmari and Ryo-Z from Rip Slyme, Verbal from m-flo, and solo act Wise. They have been drawing lots of attention with their contributions to the soundtrack to "The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift" in 2006.

They will release their second album "Serious Japanese" on January 28, 2009. The songs produced by The Neptunes, Kanye West, Adrock, Dave West, Tei Towa, Jermaine, Dupri and Cornelius. Album includes 16 songs total. Limited edition includes bonus DVD.