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December 2008
Kuroshitsuji on DVD!


Don't miss out on DVD release from anime adaptation of hit manga series "Kuroshitsuji"!

The story set at the end of the 19th century in England, during the Victorian era. A butler named Sebastian Michaels works for the Phantomhives, a distinguished nobleman family. He is a man of perfection, highly skilled in many areas. Nothing is impossible to him. He wears a black swallow-tail coat, and works elegantly for his 12-year-old master Ciel who takes over the family name and business after the deaths of his parents. As a matter of fact, their master-servant relationship has a big secret. . .

Volume 1 includes episode 1, comes out on January 21, 2009. Limited edition includes bonus web radio CD and 16-page special booklet "Butler's Guide to the Phantomhives."

Volume 2 includes episodes 2 through 4, comes out on February 25, 2009. Limited edition includes bonus drama CD and 16-page special booklet. Volume 3 includes episodes 5 through 7, comes out on March 25, 2009.

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