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May 2009
SPEED New Single - S.P.D.

SPEED New Single S.P.D.

Highly anticipated new single "S.P.D." release from SPEED! "S.P.D." stands for "Splendid," "Pop," and "Dance" which are three keywords that perfectly describe their style of music. With this new single, they open a new chapter by singing the highly danceable songs composed by notable overseas creators Kye Sones, Peter Martin, Mats Lie Skare, and Jonathan Shave. Bonus DVD features music video for "S.P.D." and behind-the-scene footage.

Addition to that, one of the member Eriko Imai's new solo album "Utagoe" is come out! Featuring the track for her deaf-mute son "Yurikago" singing with finger language, song written by her ex-husband SHOGO (175R), theme to women's volleyball of The Deaflympics, and more for 13 tunes total. Includes bonus DVD with music video of all 13 songs.


COol~ I already preorder both version from CDjapan. You shld do the same things coz the new song shows a more mature and more different SPEED. They are inventing a new SPEED!
Posted by Kenneth May 09,2009