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November 2009
KANJANI8 - New Release!


Kanjani8 is a popular group from Johnny's Jimusho. Their music is filled with cheer, which is their trademark, and it has brought smiles and happiness to their fans all the time. The year 2009 has been a great year for the group and also for their fans as it has been filled with releases that all became big hits starting their new album "Puzzle" followed by the live DVD "Tour 2009 Puzzle," and the new single "Kyu Jo Show!!"

They will release three new singles featuring winter songs for a three straight day. They will be released on December 23, 24 and 25. Yes, they are Christmas present from Kanjani8 to make their fans happy!

Gift -Shiro (White)- comes out on December 23th. Incudes the songs "Fuyu Koi" and "Kimi no Uta wo Utau."

Gift -Aka (Red)- comes out on December 24th. Included the songs "I wish" and "Minus 100-do no Koi."

Gift -Midori (Green)- comes out on December 25th. Includes the songs "Yuki wo Kudasai," "One day in winter" and "Snow White."