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December 2009
New Artist! - Momoiro Clover

Momoiro Clover

Momoiro Clover has started to generate a buzz revolve around Akihabara!

Momoiro Clover consists of six girls; Reni Takagi, Kanako Momota, Momoka Ariyasu, Akari Hayami, Shiori Tamai and Ayaka Sasaki, and was formed in May 2008 based on the concept "Pure girls want to bring you happiness." Their costumes are mainly Japanese-style clothing like Yukata (light cotton Kimono) and some of their songs use traditional Japanese musical instrument.

They released major debut single "Momoiro Punch" on August 5, 2009. They has performed concert consistently in the street and electrical appliance shops, and they have gradually achieved name recognition. Their latest single "Mirai e Susume!" topped on large CD shop's hit charts in Akihabara last month. Be sure to check out!

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