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October 2009
DOPING PANDA - New Release!

Doping Panda

Doping Panda is a Japanese rock band. They started out as a melodic punk band in 1997. They have continued to evolve from there by taking inspirations from club music and their music can be described as dance rock of digital guitar rock. They have a good impact on Japanese music scene with their catchy music and powerful performances.

Their mini-album "anthem" comes out on November 4th! Includes the songs "anthem," "the mugendai dance time," "I said enough for one night," "lady" and "music you like." Comes with bonus DVD featuring footage from their "Liquidroom 5th Anniversary Doping Panda Live in Tokyo at Ebisu Liquidroom" concert on July 23, 2009.

Also check out their third album "decadence" released on June 3, 2009. The album features the song "beautiful survivor," "majestic trancer," "beat addiction" and more for 12 songs total. Bonus DVD features all 10 music videos after their major debut.

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