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August 2009
Space basketball with Basquash!

Space basketball with Basquash!

"Basquash!" is the new production from Satelight Studio and created by Kawamori Shoji (macross series) and Thomas Romain (French Animator and creator of Oban Star Racer). Therefore, character design is original and the animation has a very high quality for a TV serie.
Intho theme sung by famous singers, ECLIPSE (Haruka Tomatsu, Ai Nakajima, Saori Hayami) !

Plot : In a planet somewhere named Earth Dash, a sport Big Foot Basketball (BFB) is popular. In BFB, players ride mecha called Big Foot and play basketball. A boy Dan hates Big Foot because his younger sister goes lame because of Big Foot. But one day, he happens to ride Big foot and is fascinated with it soon. He goes to watch the BFB game, however contrary to his expectation, the game is really dull and boring. Dan decides to start BFB on the street with his fellows and rename it Basquash, which is more exciting sport than BFB!

Includes episodes 1 through 3, TV special and trailers. Episodes 1 & 3 are remastered and remixed by Shoji Kawamori/Eichi Sato.