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July 2009
MUCC - New Releases!


J-rock band MUCC will release greatest hits compilations consecutively over a period of three weeks.

First of all, they will release greatest hits DVD "The Clips -track of six nine-" on August 5th. The DVD features all music videos released after their major debut.

One week later on August 12th, they will release their compilation album "Coupling Best" featuring B-side songs released since their major-label debut. The compilation will also include previously unreleased song "Libra feat. Candle." Last of all, another greatest hits album "Coupling Worst" comes out on August 19th. The album features B-side songs released from indies label, and four rare songs. Many fans say that MUCC has so many great B-side songs, so these compilations should be highly anticipated.

Recent years, MUCC has played with singers from other genres, and gotten involved in many music festival both in Japan and abroad. Also they have completed their successful tours in Europe and the U.S. Through these great activities their music has evolved, and it is a good time to compare their older stuff with recent stuff!

=> Greatest Hits DVD "The Clips -track of six nine-"
=> Greatest Hits Album "Coupling Best"
=> Greatest Hits Album "Coupling Worst"