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June 2009
Devil Kings on DVD!

Devil Kings

First DVD release from anime series "Devil Kings (Sengoku Basara)" based on hit game series and shojo manga of the same name. Animation was directed by Itsuro KAWASAKI (Chrome Shelled Regios) and creation by Production I.G (Ghost in the Shell, The Sky Crawlers, and more).

Plot: Set in the age of provincial wars. There are lots of warlords all over Japan, and they are struggling for power again and again. The biggest force is Nobunaga Oda's army. Nobunaga has overwhelming force, oppresses ordinary people, and wreaks unprecedented havoc. However one warlord in northen Japan gave his name and starts to dominate the whole country. He is Masamune Date. However, Masamune meets his fatal rival Yukimura Sanada. . . Who will be ruled whole country?

DVD Include episodes 1 and 2 and special features footage from the event at Tokyo International Anime Fair (Kazuya Nakai, Soichiro Hoshi, Toshiyuki Morikawa,) newly written anime "Mini Devil Kings Chosokabe-kun to Mori-kun" episode 1! New figures are also available now.


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