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May 2009
Kara no Kyokai 6th Chapter - Oblivion Recorder

Kara no Kyokai 6th movie Oblivion Recorder

"Kara no Kyokai Oblivion Recorder (Boukyaku Rokuon)," the sixth chapter of the seven-part theatrical anime "Kara no Kyokai" series comes out on DVD! Limited edition includes sixth bonus soundtrack CD, DVD container box with newly-drawn illustration, condensed pamphlet, two special pinups, and original booket. Preorder now to get special bonuses.

Plot: Azaka was asked to investigate a weird incident at her school by Tohko. Two girls started arguing and at the end they cut each other with a knife. . . It would appear that the incident has roots in one rumor, the fairies are making people forgetful and returning the memories of the students. The reason why Azaka had entered this school is to live faraway from her brother. She loved him not as a sister but as a person. She thought it is difficult for him to love her as a woman if they live together. Things were progressing according to plan as she grew up being separated from him, but it was ruined by the appearance of Shiki Ryogi. Azaka needed a person who can see fairies in case they existed, and so Tohko had Shiki who can see fairies go with her, disguised as a potential transfer student.


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