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February 2009
AKIRA / Kodomo no Jikan 2


AKIRA on Blu-ray with English Subtitles
The landmark Katsuhiro Ohtomo's anime film "AKIRA" finally release on Feb. 20, 2009! Features Japanese audio track (Dolby NR TrueHD 5.1ch 192kHz/24bit) and English audio track (5.1ch). Also includes special booklet. The story is set in 2019, devastated city "Neo-Tokyo" which was destroyed by a super-bomb during World War III in 1988. One night, a bike gang leader Kaneda, his friend Tetsuo and other gang engage a rival gang in a street fight. In the midst of the fight, Tetsuo crashes into an unusual boy, and gets injured. After a while, the soldiers arrive and whisk Tetuo and the boy away to a laboratory. To help Tetsuo, Kaneda heads into the laboratoy, and gets involved in a government top-secret project "Akira."

Kodomo no Jikan 2

Kodomo no Jikan 2nd Semester!
Welcome back to the exciting world of emotional elementary school students! First OVA from sequel of hit anime series "Kodomo no Jikan" comes out on Feb. 20, 2009! This story follows 4 Nensei (fourth grade.) Includes a comic newly written by Kaoru Watashiya, bonus CD with theme song and short drama, and 8-page guide book. Also features a box to house all volumes of the series.