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December 2008
New album from super idol Shokotan! - Magic Time

Shoko Nakagawa new album.

Brace yourself for this long-awaited album "Magic Time" from Shoko Nakagawa, popularly known as Shokotan!

The album includes three advanced singles "Shiny Gate," "Tsuzuku Sekai," "Kirei Alamode," and the anime series "Gurren Lagann" version of "Sorairo Days," and more for 12 songs total. Limited edition includes music video of "Fuyu no Yuenchi," and choreography lesson footage with audio commentary from her(subject to change).

Shokotan showcased an amazing array of talents through myriad of activities during the year 2008. At Anime Expo 2008 in Los Angeles that took place in July, the audience was completely charmed by her live performance of original songs that she wrote. She also played an important role in the film "Gegege no Kitaro Sennen Noroi Uta" and as a voice artist, she was credited in the theatrical anime "Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl Giratina to Sora no Hanataba Shaymin."

Also check out her new live DVD "Shoko Nakagawa Concert Tour 2008 - Donyoku Matsuri -." Featuring footage from her June 8, 2008 performance at the JCB Hall and includes behind-the-scene footage.