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November 2008
Natsume Yujin Cho

Natsume Yujin Cho

Check out the DVD release of the anime series "Natsume Yujin Cho" based on a popular comic.

Takashi Natsume is an ordinary boy except he can see spirits just like his grandmother Reiko could. One day, he finds the book "Yujincho" from her memento. The book contains a list of the spirits names. Reiko had taken them from the spirits that she defeated. The list works as a binding contract between the spirits and the book owner. Therefore, a stream of spirits has designs upon him to take away the book from him. Natsume spends his days terminating the contracts to save his own life with the help of a spirit cat Nyanko Sensei.

Volume 1 is available to order. Volume 2 comes out on November 26. Volume 3 comes out on December 17. Order Now!

=> Natume Yujincho "Volume 1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]"
=> Natume Yujincho "Volume 2"
=> Natume Yujincho "Volume 3"
=> Natume Yujincho "Original Soundtrack"