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November 2008
SAKEROCK - Honyarara

Sakerock Honyarara

SAKEROCK released their first full-length album "Honyarara" in two years!

SAKEROCK is a Japanese instrumental band that was formed in 2000. They play the music mainly by guitar, bass, drums, marimba, trombone, and scat. Their band's name "SAKEROCK" is named after Martin Denny's song title. They describe themselves as Strange Instrumental Group, and just as the name suggests, the style of their music is exotic. It could be described as chill out music, with smooth trombone pulling you into an exotic world filled with calm restfulness.

Third album "Honyarara" was released on November 5. This time they made new SAKEROCK sounds by inviting keyboardist, violinist and cellist as the support musicians. The sound has a brisk and uplifting feeling as never before.
The album includes 12 songs total.