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November 2008
Sony Music Entertainment Launches Blu-spec CD Format

Blu-spec CD

Blu-spec CD format boasts a new approach to the faithful reproduction of music by utilizing the leading edge blue laser diode technologies optimized for the manufacturing of Blu-ray. During the manufacturing of CD, laser beam is pinpointed to encode data on the microscopic tracks molded on the polycarbonate plastic constituting the surface of the disc.

Compared to the conventional laser beam used for the manufacturing of standard CD, the blue laser beam used for the manufacturing of Blu-spec CD has a shorter wavelength, allowing more accurate encoding of the data. The use of the laser also eliminates the need to use cooling fans that cause vibrations. Furthermore, polycarbonate plastic optimized for Blu-ray is used to ensure accurate reading of the data. Amazingly and importantly, Blu-spec CD format is fully compatible with standard CD players.

Check out the Blu-spec CD releases from the artists listed below!


I wish Sony will reissue Stevie Ray Vaughan Albums,especially The Sky Is Crying and In Step and also EMI's Steve Miller albums
Posted by SONNY SIN Nov 17,2008
I will also appreciate the release of early James Taylor albums on blu spec cd. Thanks.
Posted by SONNY SIN Nov 19,2008
OK, first we have SHM-CD and now Blu-spec CD. I have not heard anything of the sound quality of Blu-spec CD. So, are you able to provide some samples so that music lovers can be convinced. I would definitely love to try them out. Thank you.
Posted by Thai Chong Nov 19,2008
I hope that SONY will also start releasing high resolution blu-spec SACD's. Best audiophile format ever created.
Posted by Hiro Nov 21,2008
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Posted by Yandex Nov 27,2008