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October 2008
Tales of The Abyss on DVD and Blu-ray!

Tales of The Abyss Vol.1

First DVD and Blu-ray of the anime adaptation of hit role-playing game "Tales of The Abyss" is coming soon!

The story takes place on a planet Auldrant two millenniums ago. Around that time, elementary particles called Fonon composed the planet and six fonons were known to exist: Earth, Shadow, Wind, Water, Fire and Light. One day, Seventh fonon "Sound" was discovered and its discovery threw everything into great chaos. Because, using the Seventh Fonon allowed one to read the future of the world. Wars over the Seventh Fonon raged all over the lands, ending only when miasma, a deadly poison, covered the entire Auldrant. Yulia Jue possessed an ability to use the fonon, and saw thousands of years into the future and foresaw a way to seal off the miasma. With the guidance of her prophecies, the people of Auldrant sealed the miasma deep in the ground. Two thousands years have passed from then. . .

Vol.1 includes two episodes, and eight-page booklet. First press includes drama CD featuring the side story of Tales of The Abyss. DVD and Blu-ray comes out February 20, 2009. Preorder now!


OMG!!! my most favorite game is in dvd and blue ray cool i can't wait to see the full anime i just saw the 1st episode it was awsome! i love tales of the abyss...but? i wanna know is it coming out in the U.S or japan....anyways TY!
Posted by kenny molina Oct 28,2008