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October 2008
Girl Next Door - First-ever Produced Artist by Avex Trax

Girl Next Door Debut!!

Japanese record label Avex Group is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebration comes Girl Next Door, the first-ever "Produced by Avex Trax" artists!

The group consists of vocalist Chisa, guitarist Yuji Inoue, and keyboardist/composer Daisuke Suzuki (known as day after tomorrow member). They have been in the public spotlight due to the effect of AVEX announcement.

They release new singles for the three consecutive months. Debut single "Guzen no Kakuritsu" was released on September 3. Second single "Drive Away" will be released on October 8. Third single "Jyonetsu no Daisho" will be released on November 18.
Their song is reminiscent of 90s AVEX specialty electronic dance music. However it's not like out of date sounds, even bring a fresh sensation and the beats are bouncy enough to make you dance.

Limited edition includes bonus DVD with music video. Be sure to check out!

=> Girl Next Door - Debut single "Guzen no Kakuritsu"
=> Girl Next Door - Second single "Drive Away / Shiawase no Joken"
=> Girl Next Door - Third single "Jyonetsu no Daisho"