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September 2008
Super Junior - New CD and DVD!!

Super Junior - CD and DVD

Korean supergroup Super Junior finally released their first official Japanese single "U/TWINS" this July. This fall the group kicks things into high gear as they will release their second single "Marry U," a live DVD titled "1st Premium Event in Japan," a collaboration single "Rokugo!," they will be starring in the film "Ikemen Renzoku Bomb Jiken," and original soundtrack of the film "Ikemwn Renzoku Bom Jiken Special Album."

Super Junior consists of thirteen all-male members that specialize in singing, dancing, acting, and speaking. They often change their image with each song release to keep the media and fans on their toes. Their musical style has changed since their debut as well, as the group's recent releases cover a wide range of musical genres, from lighthearted pop to heavy rock, and soulful R&B to vital hip-hop. Each music genre is completely different, but each of their songs catch have a certain something that just pulls in the listeners.

1st single "U/TWINS" is available to order. Be sure to check out the upcoming release due out according to the dates below!

=> Live DVD "1st Premium Event in Japan" Sep 24, 2008
=> Collaboration single (Super Junior-T x Moeyan) "Rokugo!" Nov 5, 2008
=> 2nd single "Special Single -Marry U-" Nov 26, 2008
=> Original Soundtrack "Ikemwn Renzoku Bom Jiken Special Album" Nov 26, 2008
=> Movie DVD "Ikemen Renzoku Bomb Jiken." Nov 28, 2008