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September 2008
Seto no Hanayome New OVA

Seto no Hanayome New OVA

Prepare yourself for two new OVAs release from hit anime series "Seto no Hanayome"! Due out in November and January, the new OVAs follow up with new characters and wacky new settings!

The first OVA "Seto no Hanayome OVA Jin" is due out November 28, 2008 in two varieties, limited edition and regular edition. Both include episodes 1 and 2. Limited edition includes bonus Sun Seto Nendroid figure with bonus head parts so you can change her facial expression. This is an extremely limited release so order soon!

Second OVA "Seto no Hanayome OVA Gi" comes out January 30, 2009, also in a regular edition and limited edition release. Limited edition includes and original booklet and Runa Edomae Nendroid figure with container. This OVA features episodes welcoming the addition of a maid cafe as well as brand-new character Sa-tan.

Order both of these releases soon, before the limited editions with nendroid figures sell out!